The best value holiday experience in China

The most amazing VALUE holiday with time and skills to explore China and her culture. Learn Chinese in one of the most popular China tour locations.

Choose an additional FREE course or workshop, brush up your painting, click with photography, or get busy with Kung Fu, Hiking and cycling, or chill out with Tai Chi or explore alternative life paths – all with free trips to use the language as you learn it and get to really enjoy China.

photography and painting were made for Guilin
Photography and painting were made for Guilin! splash out on the lavish colours, textures and stunning views of China

ink painted silk fans
Chinese embroidered art and silk fan paintingembroidered silk art

Chinese landscape painting, surreal, romantic
Chinese landscape painting, traditional art from the ancient past of China.

Decorative painting

Chinese painting of part of a tree, an exploration of white space

Quietly relaxing pursuits to balance more energetic activities or the Guilin nightlife experience!

Choose a free course or activity, if your hobby is not here then tell us and we will try to fix it for you

A wide range of activities

This holiday is perfectly suited to anyone wanting an introduction to China, its people and its language before setting out on a China tour – especially self-travel.


learn as much Chinese language as you want or need, learn at your own speed (at any level) from enough get-by-in-Chinese words and phrases to degree level courses and tailored to your business courses that incorporate an essential introduction to Chinese culture

Continue the Chinese lesson by using what you learn as you learn it

ACTIVITIES from Tai Chi to photography are part of your course with two accompanied trips out of Guilin to places of interest every week included in the price.

waterfall climbing

The perfect way to climb a mountain in July and August ! safe for kids.

There are many outings that are excellent safe fun for families and kids like the waterfall climbing above, the river trips and the theme park below where a change of clothes is recommended for after the organised waterfight.

Laughing wet children in an organised water fight at Chinese amusement park near Guilin

Use the language as you learn it

from the first ni-hao to the last good-bye there is no language course or learning method that works as well as using it!

Li river at sunrise

Li River at sunrise, a photographer and painter's dream

Set in one of the most beautiful areas in the world with plenty to see and do
Gain an insight into Chinese culture that most tourists never experience.

While others are eating whatever set meals are provided for them you can order the food you want, and while they are busy miming an urgent need for the washroom – you will already have asked and been!

Longji green rice terraces Guilin China
Longji Rice Terraces are just a two hour trip away, although an overnight stop is recommended to catch the sunset and sunrise

Sanjiang bridge in China, Chinese style, China tour stop, photography and painting setting
Sanjiang Bridge, also close to Guilin, is among hundreds of sights to see, photograph or paint.

Below Guilin City centre, laser-lit and splashed with coloured lights makes a visual spectacle for China tour parties on the tour boats, and for strollers along the waterway paths
Guilin night life, all lit up for the boat tour of the mid-town waterways and walkways, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants and bars all around Guilin

Guilin Nightlife has everything anyone might expect. From quiet classy bars, late night restaurants and street food to pounding nightclubs – something for everyone

squeeze an extra economical week into any tour of China! Start any China tour with a week or two with us at Guilin to guarantee a really happy and satisfying experience of China

Relax with us and grab a mouthful of words and phrases that will make your whole trip more interesting and enjoyable.

Tell your agent to start your tour at Guilin and spend the first week here as an economical extension to your time in China – or introduce us to your agent – and get them to book you a week with us to start your tour ~ the price remains the same.

Get your teeth fixed and save enough to pay for the whole holiday, the $ saving on 12 caps with 2 bridges are enough to pay for a two week holiday for two people !!!! – save $ thousands
Update your glasses – save $ hundreds
Buy your next season wardrobe here – save $ hundreds
Buy your painting supplies here – save $ hundreds
Buy camera. laptop, latest phone – save $ hundreds

Just one ordinary hair appointment can save enough for the taxi home from the airport !

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