One or two week Chinese language course

ONE WEEK is enough time to learn how to get by in China.
Essentials such “where is the washroom?” or “How much is that?” and understanding
the directions or the money in the answer. Learn how to say and pronounce Chinese written in pinyin to make those phrase books useful.

The comprehensive lesson materials are printed in a compact dictionary format for daily use, additional handy words and phrases are included.

Practice in the classroom with native Chinese speakers, trained how to help and encourage. These new ‘friends’ will accompany you out and about to assist you put your skills into practice.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone as the best start to any holiday or tour in China

TWO WEEKS would be better if you have enough time, getting to a level that is more than just the basics and with a more expansive vocabulary to enable you to go on with the confidence and self teaching materials from us to improve yourself as you go.

The one or two week courses are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone as the best start to any holiday or tour in China. Book directly through this site and tell your Agent to put the time with us into your itinerary and fly you to Guilin first where we will meet you from the airport.

BOOK DIRECT WITH US and take advantage of our own travel and tour partners and build your itinerary face to face with them when you have tasted China and understand better what you want from a tour. It is possible to save significant money in this way – the ability to take yourself by train, plane and boat or book yourself into reasonably priced hotels will probably save more than the cost of one week with us. One of the main reasons for going five star is because we expect someone there to speak Engish, and whilst it is a very nice way to travel in some respects, a good three star hotel is more than satisfactory and a fraction of the price. The few words needed to book in, ask for directions, fresh towels to be sent up, etc., have real value.

To book a complete holiday with a trusted Chinese Travel Agency – with us as part of the package or not – contact us first for advice, find out who is the most expensive, the cheapest and which one is the best for you.

For a list of recommended Travel Agencies that already include us in their China tour packages look here.

To book through your own agent – give them this link and we will send them all the details they need. The price to you remains the same wherever and however you book or buy anything from us.

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